Channel 4 News: Councils have no evacuation plans for disabled people

Channel 4 News reported today on the stories of two disabled people, Georgie and Joe, who are being refused evacuation plans in the event of a fire. This is despite the fact that over 40% of those that lost their lives in Grenfell Tower were disabled.

In a Freedom of Information Act request, the report reveals that despite over 3500 disabled people living above ground floor, not a single one has been granted an evacuation plan by Bristol, Tamworth and Lewisham Councils.

Map of the UK highlighting three Councils - Tamworth, Bristol and Lewisham. Numbers of disabled people living above ground floor are 194, 3215 and 166 respectively. All have zero with an evacuation plan.

Credit: Channel 4 News
Channel 4 News graphic showing number of disabled people in three Councils without PEEPs

Thank you to Joe, Liz and Georgie for sharing your stories.

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