Claddag issues proceedings against Home Office over ‘means of escape’ contract

Further to our statement two weeks ago, we have taken the decision to commence judicial review proceedings against the Home Secretary for awarding to CS Todd & Associates Ltd a contract to produce guidance which includes the means of escape for disabled people from fire.

Given Mr Todd consistently advocates against evacuation plans for disabled people, and was the only expert of four to do so in the Grenfell Tower inquiry, we do not feel it is right for him to have this influence and authority over the safety of disabled people. Paralympian and disability rights campaigner, Baroness Grey-Thompson has raised grave concerns in the House of Lords last week (video below.)

In awarding this contract, we believe that the Home Secretary has failed in her public sector equality duty towards disabled people. The denial of our right to evacuation plans is a huge hidden injustice faced by private tenants, social housing tenants and leaseholders alike.

We thank everyone for their support, including our committed legal team at Bhatt Murphy solicitors.

2 thoughts on “Claddag issues proceedings against Home Office over ‘means of escape’ contract

  1. I am disabled and live in a fire risk property ( The Crescent Bristol BS15JP). We have funding in place for cladding work and a contractor appointed . However , the Freeholder (E&J Estates) will not sanction a start to the remedial works. Could they be held responsible for any mishaps resulting from their delay ?


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