Court grants Claddag permission to apply for judicial review

Good news! Last week, the High Court gave us permission to apply for judicial review. This means that the judge considered that we have an arguable case and she considered that it should be brought before the court swiftly. We hope that the hearing will take take place before the end of the year.

The Grenfell Tower Inquiry recommended that all disabled people living in high-rise buildings should have the right to a personal emergency evacuation plan but the Government is refusing to make those fundamental changes. We believe the Government must be held to account for this.

The judge also agreed to grant us a cost capping order as this is a public interest case. This means that if our case is not successful we will only have to pay the Home Office’s legal fees up to the sum of £20,000. We also need to pay for Court fees which we estimate will be up to £1,500.  

This is still, of course, a lot of money we don’t have. Law for Change has kindly donated £10,000 and our supporters have kindly donated £5,805 so far through our crowdfund appeal. So we need to raise a further £5,695 if we are to be able to proceed.

We therefore ask those that support us if you could kindly spread the word to friends, family or colleagues who would want to give a small donation to help provide us with the safety net to pursue this case on behalf of the disabled, deaf and older community. 

As a reminder, our legal team are working on the case ‘no win no fee’ and if we are successful all unused donations will be returned.

Thank you for your continued support, kindness and solidarity.

Georgie and Sarah

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