Fundraising successful and court date set

Three months ago we launched a crowdfund appeal to help us raise funds to protect ourselves against adverse costs should our legal challenge against the Government over its failure to implement key Grenfell Tower Inquiry recommendations be unsuccessful. Last month, the court approved our application to proceed with the challenge but set the limit for an adverse costs order at a higher level than we had hoped.

However, we are thrilled to say we have raised over £21,500 and can now proceed with the legal challenge without personal risk. Thank you!

Thank you! written on a note with a red heart

We have been overwhelmed by the generosity of friends, family, neighbours, campaigners, allies and complete strangers. Each donation, no matter the size, has been gratefully received. We also deeply value the in-kind support such as awareness-raising and campaigning which led to us reaching our target.

Particular gratitude must go to Law for Change without whom we would never have reached our target. They kicked off our crowdfund initiative with a generous donation of £10,000 and have now pledged the remaining funds we need. We thank the Law for Change team for their support, solidarity and commitment to this public interest case.

Law for Change fund" in alternating red and black words
The Law for Change fund was established in the belief that “there are real societal harms that can and need to be addressed through legal actions in the public interest”

The hearing is set for 6-7 December 2022 at the Royal Courts of Justice in London. We plan to attend in person as much as we are physically able to and subject to the court’s willingness to make reasonable adjustments.

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